5 Tips on How to Be Happier in Life

1. Change Your Beliefs to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts don’t operate alone. They have an ally- something that gives them the confidence to attack you. That ally is your beliefs. No matter how hard you may try to change those negative thoughts into positive ones, if your beliefs are negative, being positive might be hard.

If you believe that your house would be robbed one day, no matter how much you say, “my house is free from burglars”, you’ll always be scared to death whenever you hear your window creak. And you definitely can’t be a happy person, knowing that you could be robbed at anytime.

If everyone around you has a common negative belief about something, let yours be different. You don’t have to shout it out loud so that everyone will hear it (I wouldn’t advise you to do that). But know it, deep down in your heart.
2. Ignore Your Beliefs to Clear Your Mind

Changing your beliefs can be hard, especially when you grew up having that belief. The statement, “you can’t te…

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